Q: Why did Dave’s Gourmet decide to partner with Pink Sauce? 

A: Pink Sauce had Dave’s Gourmet’s attention because it’s a delicious and unique product! It tastes great with any savory dish—especially on fried chicken, fish, and potatoes. The demand for the Pink Sauce is overwhelming and Dave’s Gourmet has over thirty years of manufacturing expertise. With the help of Dave’s Gourmet, we are working hard to bring a shelf-stable, safe Pink Sauce to market making it available to everyone to enjoy!

Q: Did Dave’s Gourmet purchase Chef Pii’s company?

A: No, Dave’s Gourmet didn’t purchase her company. We created a partnership. Dave’s Gourmet is responsible for manufacturing and distributing the Pink Sauce. 

Q: What’s the status of refunds?

A: All the unfilled orders have been refunded. If you believe that you have not received your refund, please, email veronica@thepinksauce.com. Include your order number, full name, and the email address that you placed the original purchase with. We will ensure that your refund is taken care of. 

Q: Why did you provide me a refund? I wanted to wait until the product was available.

A: The Pink Sauce price and bottle size will likely be different than the original. For this reason, we issued everyone a refund. All customers who purchased the original Pink Sauce will get first priority access to shop the Pink Sauce relaunch and will get a special offer as a thank you for your patience while waiting. NOTE! Priority list notifications will be sent to the email that you used when you placed your original Pink Sauce order.

Q: Will there be dairy in Pink Sauce? 

A: No, the sauce will not contain any dairy.  

Q: What will Pink Sauce cost when it’s relaunched?

A: We will announce this as soon as pricing is final, BUT we can promise that it will be less expensive. 

Q: When will Pink Sauce be available? 

A: We are working feverishly on this. We are waiting to announce the Pink Sauce relaunch date until we have firmed up production plans and sourcing. If you want to be the first to know when the Pink Sauce relaunch is dropping, head to pinksauce.com and subscribe to the newsletter!