The Pink Sauce


Chef Pii is an expressional artist. She loves to express herself through color and realistic, abstract paintings. Secretly suffering from anxiety and depression, she was desperate to find a source to heal herself holistically. She began studying herbs, fruit, and vegetables that can help stabilize nutrition deficiencies in your body, and that is when she fell in love with a fruit called Pitaya.
She is leaving millions curious about her bright pink sauce creation. She landed a deal in major retail within less than six months of going viral. Chef Pii is inspired by the multicultural traditions she has learned through the years of helping her friends and family during holiday gatherings. She cultivated her style of cooking by fusing her way of cooking with the ethnic traditions that she learned over the years. She continues to defy the odds by Sharing her cooking methods with the world. Check out the merch, e-books, and much more.